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Game Thread - Sunny Kim versus Brian Lawrence

The question that lingers with Kim's strong performance thus far with the Rox, is how viable he is long term pitching in the hostile environs of Coors Field. Besides spot-start duty a week into his Rockies career, Kim has had only one start this season at home, earlier this month against the Dodgers when Todd Helton's two homeruns and some strong defense aided him to the win in his five and a third innings of work. He gave up just one run, but problematic were the ten baserunners, four by walk and the fact that he admitted to tiring while out there. Tonight will be key to see if this was just growing pains or a long term trend that could be cause for alarm. The Rox come into tonight's contest needing a sweep to keep their playoff hopes alive, and the fact that they still have even the slightest hope at this point in the season is perhaps one of the more incredible stories of the second half in all of baseball. Obviously it's not going to happen, but who would have guessed we'd still be mathematically alive at this point in May?

Go Rockies!