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Pebble Report Extra - Casper

I figure we'll do threads with each of the minor league teams to coincide with BA's release of the the top 20 prospects of their respective leagues. Today they did the Pioneer League and Dexter Fowler and Chaz Roe got seventh and eighth, respectively. Realize that BA's list is more about future potential than actual performance, so younger players like Roe and Fowler will gain more attention than say Corey Wimberly, who seems to be the consensus Purple Row Casper player of the year according to the thread I posted the other day.

At any rate, as far as positional players go, Wimberly and Fowler lead the way in potential to make an impact on a big league roster, while Chris Cook and Eric Young Jr put up seasons that keep them in the conversation as well. Other players, like Kyle Blumenthal and Cole Garner will have to show improvement in key areas in 2006 to continue meriting consideration, while a couple, like Daniel Mayora and Maruis Loupadiere did solidly enough while pretty young to stick around for a couple more seasons in hopes they can show more.

In pitching, Roe's got topline stuff and holding opponents to a .175 average against for a starter in the hitter heavy Pioneer League is phenomenal. Besides Roe, Casper was fairly deep with pitching potential. Leading the way statistically were the two top arms from the pen, Andrew Johnston and Brett Strickland who both had ERA's below 1.50. Also throwing in a noteworthy performance was Alan Johnson, who came out of nowhere and did solidly at the front of Casper's rotation. Johnson's a little old to be regarded highly as a prospect, but his performance this year merits watching. More legit, younger prospects who had mixed results with their pitching stats include Xavier Cedeno, Aneury Rodriguez, Brandon Durden and the two Aussies, Ross Hipke and Lindsay Webb.