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Game Thread Kim versus Lowry

Sunny Kim goes against Noah Lowry tonight in game two of our final home series of 2005. Of our midseason pick-ups from other teams, Kim has easily been the best for the Rockies thus far, which should say a bit about Dan O' Dowd's skills as a trader since Sunny was only a waiver wire claim. I realize that a lot of the trades were made with further down the road in mind, however, so the verdict should rightfully still be out in this regard - I'm just saying early returns aren't favorable.

Lowry has come on strong in the second half for the Giants, and he is one of the reasons the G-men made things at least a little interesting with the Padres for the division. Tonight, however will be a bit more about evaluating as Kim tries to prove he can handle more than five innings at Coors.

Go Rockies!