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Game Thread - Kim versus Cain

After his countryman came through with a historic performance last night, BK comes up today with the entire home season hanging in the balance. Not to apply too much pressure, but a win gives us a winning home record on the year, and a loss means the team has a bit more explaining to do to what remaining season ticket holders they have.  Anyway, it's a tough draw with the Giants talented rookie Matt Cain in opposition, as well as a reasonably healthy lineup still looking to keep their dwindling playoff aspirations alive. We could put a nail in the Giants' coffin today, and that would make at least one of my readers very happy.

Anyway, BK's status for 2006 as a Rockie could be one of the more intriguing storylines of the offseason. I like him better than Day or Esposito as a starter, and should he prove affordable, I could think of worse ways to spend any money we have available for FA's. Hopefully he gives the front office reason to feel the same way this afternoon.

Go Rockies!