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Asheville Season Review thread

Chris Nelson ranks number twenty in BA's top SAL prospect list, but the real question Rockies fans should be asking is why there's no love for Frankie Morales? His stats were solid while pitching in a hitter friendly environment, his stuff is solid, he's lefthanded and still a teenager, he should be in the top ten in the league and yet he's not even ranked.

Anyway, we can cry to John Manuel about the disrespect in the chat they'll have later today. Here we can talk about Matt Miller, Joe Koshansky, Samuel Deduno and some other Tourists who aren't going to garner the same sort of attention from the national press. These three seem to be okay in the legit/not legit department, while others are borderline. What about Jose Valdez for instance? After starting slow he seemed to come into some serious power late in the season and wound up with twenty-one HR, not bad for a middle infielder, but is that just a product of playing at McCormick Field? And what about Dragon Lo? Rockies brass still like him, but he's been in the system for years now and hasn't shown anything remarkable, what do we see his ceiling as? Anyway, time to talk Tourism.