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Game Thread - Kim versus Glavine

Two pitchers riding pretty impressive hot streaks face off tonight in a pitcher's park, so expect a low scoring affair. Tom Glavine is an ageless wonder who's record doesn't show how solid he's been for the Mets since the beginning of August, posting a sub-2.50 ERA in that span. Meanwhile Sunny Kim just pitched one of the greatest games at Coors Field, ever. So a "letdown" theory - a sort of regression to the mean- would put the odds of him duplicating that success in sequential starts as pretty unlikely, still don't expect him to give up too much to an offense that even in their current hot streak (8-2 over the last ten games) has scored more than five runs just twice - and that was back to back six to five wins in Washington and Philly earlier this week.

Expecting a close, low scoring contest the difference should come down to the brief work of the respective bullpens, and I have to say Colorado has the advantage there, making me fairly optimistic we'll pull out this first one. Go Rockies!