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Game Thread - Kim versus Benson

After last night's drubbing I am once again humbled, as I got the wrong half of the pitching duel prophecy correct. The eleven to nothing score however reminded me of something I took a quick note of researching the Mets beforehand but didn't bring up as I hoped it wouldn't apply, but check out their schedule this year and see some of the whippings they've given to NL West opponents.

The Padres, the D-Backs and the Giants, and to a lesser extent the Dodgers have joined us as Metropolitan feed. All the NL West teams except for the Dodgers have had at least one loss of ten or more runs and all five have looked pretty bad in more than one game against New York. Especially the D-Backs, who looked particularly brutal in a Chase Field (formerly known as the BOB) four game set in August where they were swept away by the combined score of 39 - 7. I guess we can stop wondering why those two teams' Pythag records don't seem to work that well with their actual results.

Anyway, I digress. Tonight Benson and Kim as the Rox try to even the series and look slightly better than the Snakes.