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Game Thread - Day versus Jackson

After winning the last two, the Rockies are now as close to the Dodgers as the men in Blue are to the division leading Padres. Today is another 2006 -and beyond if the teams' PR offices are to be believed- preview matchup as both Day and Jackson have been touted as key additions to restore luster to their franchises. Jackson of course is one of LA's homegrown phenoms and destined to bring the Dodgers back to glory, yet he has had as many downs as ups in his minor league career. Meanwhile, Day is supposedly the answer to all of our concerns about trading away two fifths of our opening day rotation in June and July and while his sinker has produced some wonderful games at the major league level, it's also produced some nightmares. Today we get to see the beginning of how the real story will unfold.

The Rox sit once again on the brink of sweeping a divisional foe, apparently this year we have solved something that has plagued the franchise for its entire existence, that or our opponents are just riding out dog days of summer and packing it in until next year. Anyway, Go Rockies!