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Game Thread - Francis versus Eaton II

Heading into each series, although I don't make complete previews, I do take a cursory glance at the pitching matchups to decide where I feel our best shots of victory are. This game isn't it for this series. The only thing that has been able to derail Adam Eaton all year is injury, other than that he's been a solid cog for the Padres and it's only partially coincidence that their midseason collapse lined almost perfectly with his stint on the DL. Even the last game in which these two pitchers met, on the 26th of August, although the Rockies won, Eaton was only a bit rusty and he kept the Padres close. Francis on the other hand, is erratic and lately he's been more consistently bad than good.

Keeping that in mind, we did find success in the last game by drawing walks leading off an inning and forcing Eaton to pitch from the stretch. Todd Helton has absolutely owned Eaton throughout their careers, and Brad Hawpe and Clint Barmes have each done well against him this year as well. Khalil Greene is a thorn in Jeff Francis' side, and even though Brian Giles is at his brutal home park, he's always dangerous as well. It should be another close affair unless Francis really struggles, but if he can keep his control and composure out there, the Rockies should have a decent shot of winning. That's still a pretty big if, given how he's ptiched of late, but here's to hoping.

Go Rockies!