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Ringolsby, Renck Reveal Post-Season Awards & Etc.

You can find out whom Renck voted for in the BBWA's awards here. A little more on that later.

Patrick Saunders and Renck had a discussion about what went right and wrong this season and what to expect for next season with key members of the organization. Dan O'Dowd admits that the Ray King trade "didn't work out."

Irv Moss makes me wonder when he writes that Greg Reynolds will be at Asheville next season.

Helton doesn't find common ground on reduced playing time with Hurdle.

Back to end of the season awards:

SB Nation will be conducting its first annual post-season awards starting today. Voting ends on Oct. 3rd, but I already have my ballot filled out, wating to be sent in. As we're an NL blog, we only vote for the NL awards:

MVP: Ryan Howard - Had Pujols not been injured he probably would have been the vote, but Howard has been sensational. And as Renck notes, Pujols hasn't done much to keep the Cardinals in the playoffs, while Howard and the Phillies were in the playoff race until last night.

Cy Young: Brandon Webb - It came down to Webb or Hoffman and it's a tough choice. Hoffman and the Padres are heading to the playoffs, while Webb is squandered on a team that is 76-85. But I have a hard time giving the award out to a reliever, even if he did set the all-time record for saves. Webb is tied for the NL lead with 16 wins, his ERA (2.88) is a tenth of point better than Oswalt's and .21 better than Carpenter's.

Rookie of the Year: Ryan Zimmerman - This was another hard one since Hanley Ramirez had a better road average and an OPS higher than Zimmerman's, but when you add in defense, we might be seeing a modern-day Brooks Robinson in Zimmerman.

Manager of the Year: Joe Girardi - I find it hard to argue against this choice.

After the awards are announced in early November, I'll reveal the entire ballot.

Update [2006-10-1 13:40:9 by Rox Girl]:

Not to be outdone, Tracy Ringolsby also published his choices today, he and I agree on Bruce Bochy over Russ's and Renck's pick of Girardi for NL manager.