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Tuesday Morning Rundown:

Some Rockies info of note this morning which give a few enticing tidbits as to what direction the team will take this offseason. First, Troy Renck talked a little with Rockies President Keli McGregor regarding what ownership intends to do with the announced season ticket price increase:

"I don't see why over a period of time we can't keep this core group of players together and we want to improve on that," McGregor said from his office Monday.

He acknowledged the Rockies could use another slugger for their lineup, but couldn't offer specifics on money available to chase a free agent.

The two points were first that the Rockies will try to keep the "core" which I assume includes the key players we've mentioned here. The second as far as our immediate future is concerned is the intent to pursue a "slugger" depending on what happens with the market. The only position really open to do that would be center-field which keeps in line with previous statements from the club.

The other link is to this mailbag from the official website's Thomas Harding. He states that in addition to the hole in center, the Rockies intend to look for another backstop to have around just in case Iannetta falters and Torrealba's injuries persist. He also points out the logic of not expecting a Clint Barmes trade during the offseason, as should Tulo stumble out of the gate and need more minor league, they'd want somebody experienced available to plug in at short.

Update [2006-10-10 13:16:45 by Rox Girl]:

Still have your doubts about Tulo being ready for primetime? Does the idea of one more season of Clint Barmes giving away three or four outs a game have you uncomfortable? Try on RoxHead's trade proposals of Helton plus Tulo for A-rod and a bunch of great prospects for D-Train and see how that strikes your fancy instead. I think moving Baker to first and leaving Hawpe in right might make more sense if Stew's not ready, but other than that the lineup and rotation he posits aren't bad. It makes other moves difficult, but hopefully we'd keep the farm strong to keep filling those spots out. Other blog entries of note:

- As wolf's diary on the right says, LoDo Magic says that I'm cuckoo for liking my Coco Crisp.

- Coors Effect says, "uhm, wait a sec on trading away the farm on a big name pitcher like Johan Santana (and presumably Willis) please."

- Mark at Bad Altitude for some reason doesn't like paying more money to see the Rockies play.

- Dan at Up in the Rockies offers A List of Lists About the Rox, which he claims is one of the easiest blog posting ideas to fill out, like ever. By the way, did you know that Dan averages a whopping 1629 words per post? I know this because thanks to my game threads I average less than a tenth of that. I think I use about a tenth of my brain power compared to Franchise26, too.

- Finally, speaking of lists, Drew at Baseball with an Altitude, has his Top five Rockies memorable losses of 2006 and his Top five memorable wins.

I'll put up an ALCS thread and another post on some, you know, stuff later today.