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Wednesday Morning Rundown

Not a big day for news about the big league club, so I'm going to the minors. As Russ in NY pointed out yesterday, Matt Miller had a huge AFL debut, proving me right and Kevin Goldstein wrong. Like there was any doubt. And don't come back at me with that "it's just one game..." thing, because clearly all the rest of the games are moot. Okay, just kidding. There still are a few games left and Kevin might yet win this, but I am off to an early lead betting on Miller. The other Miller we sent to AZ, Jim, now sports an ERA of 54.00 after two thirds of an inning. Yeah, that's kind of ugly.

Meanwhile, in Waikiki, our Beach Boys can't seem to get on a winning track. Dragon Lo in particular has been having a rough trip to paradise giving up six runs in three innings yesterday. Dexter Fowler's trip, meanwhile, couldn't be much better he went two for three with a triple, a walk and three RBI in the seven to four loss. Chris Nelson also chipped in a double and an HBP in four at bats.