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Official Site Q & A with Dan O'Dowd

You can read it here.

O'Dowd on the struggles of Sullivan, Barmes and LuGo:

There is no crystal ball or map you follow. You just support them, let them go through the good and bad times. They'll figure out the things they need to do.

That's all well and good (about figuring out what they need to do), but then actually implementing those things is another story. And how long should the team support them? At what point do they become a detriment to the team?

On Matt Holliday, arbitration and Scott Boras:

It's just like any other situation. Matt had a very good year for us, and there is room for improvement yet. Scott is a very good agent. We have a process. We'll begin figuring it out.

So they have a process but they haven't figured out how to deal with it? Or should "it" in the last sentence be a reference to Matt Holliday and Boras, and not "process" as it gramatically associates with?