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Fall League injury news - Lindsay has Surgery

Shane Lindsay has been scratched from playing in the Hawaiian Winter League due to shoulder tenderness, last year around this time a tear in Lindsay's labrum was revealed, so the ongoing issue with the his shoulder is a concern (and is now out for a year). Meanwhile, Troy Tulowitzki is having some thumb issues in the Arizona Fall League, which are keeping him from playing according to Bill Geivett as quoted in the Rocky Mountain News.

Rox Girl is having internet issues, so she's got to keep this post rather short. Here's a picture:

Shane Lindsay, out for at least a year

Update [2006-10-16 17:45:2 by Russ in NY]: Also in the link Malakian posted, we learn that Marc Gustafson expects to see Seth Smith playing at Coors Field next season (after starting off at the Springs).