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Postseason Thread #11

ALCS Game 4
Bonderman vs Haren

Detroit can sweep the Athletics with a win today, and with the NLCS looking like it could go to six or seven games, the Tigers might be looking at a relatively long layoff. Good news for Joel Zumaya I suppose, but how would the rest of the Tigers get back into the swing of things? Well, they were 5-2 in the seven games following the All-Star break against the Royals and White Sox if that means anything. Anyway, Jeremy Bonderman goes for his second win of the postseason after tossing a gem against the Yankees in the division series. Danny Haren tries to stop the hemmorhaging for the A's.

Update [2006-10-14 19:57:16 by Russ in NY]: The Tigers punch their ticket into the World Series with a Maggs three-run home run in the bottom of the ninth.

NLCS Game 3
Trachsel vs Suppan

When the Rockies played these two pitchers this season I was always under the impression that both should be on the losing end of things more often than they actually were. Chalk one up to veteran savvy, I guess. Anyhow, looking at this matchup I can see why most pundits aren't giving the NL much of a chance in the World Series. I mean, I wouldn't pay to see it. Well, I'd pay to see David Wright probably, and Albert Pujols, so that part, I understand...

I'm surprised my neighbors have allowed me to shark their wireless for so long right now, and I'm sure that stretch is going to run out soon, so I better just post.