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Tuesday Morning Rundown: Fowler earning praise

Baseball America subscribers can read a Scout's take on how Dexter Fowler has been doing down in Hawaii. Things are looking up for the Rockies and their future center fielder who draws comparisons in the article to a slew of great athletes, including Darryl Strawberry and Andruw Jones. There's some detail on a couple of weaknesses in Fowler's game that he will need to work on in the coming season or two he has left in the minors, but the progress he's already made is very promising.

I always look at the free agent filings to see who might fit an item in the Rockies stated holiday shopping list, and yesterday one popped up in backup veteran catcher, Sal Fasano. Now, normally I wouldn't advocate a move like this, as Fasano's bat is pretty much non-existent, but really, kind of like Josh Fogg's sideburns early in the year, when you're acquiring Fasano, you get the player and the player's autarchic 'stache. Seriously, if the Rockies insist on getting a veteran back-up catcher to fill the void left by J.D. Closser's loss, who wouldn't want one with his own built in cult following?

Rox Girl says that this group at Coors can only be a good thing, even though it might be a bad sign.

One other catcher with some crazy hair, but one a little too veteran to fill our emergency back-up backstop plan, Gary Carter, is expected to talk to the Rockies about their vacant hitting coach position.