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Postseason Game Thread #13

NLCS Game 5
Glavine vs Weaver

There's a lot of back and forth about which team yesterday's wash-out benefits the most. In my mind, it probably doesn't matter because after three more games in three days, both these teams' rotations will be primed to be picked clean by the Tigers. Of course, I picked the Twins to beat the Tigers in the ALCS round and both these National League teams to be eliminated, so you know how much I know about these things. I do know that Glavine's had an impressive post-season so far, and since he's one of the nineties most liked and recognizable pitchers, it's nice to see him back in playoff action. I'm sure Fox appreciates his presence as well. The nation's memories of Weaver are probably a little less rosy: he was with the Tigers during their bad years, he was the scapegoat for one of the Yankees' many postseason collapses, and more recently he disappointed not one, but two Los Angeles teams. Actually, when I think about it, it would be hard to point to an active pitcher that has been the subject of more curses by his teams' fans in the nation's major media markets than Jeff. Is tonight yet one more shot at redemption for him? How many chances does this guy get? There's an interesting story line to me, at least.