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Reynolds, Jimenez, Morillo and New Helmets

Today's Notes from the Official Site clues us in on some prospect news.

  • On our #1 draft choice this year, off the field:
Right-handed pitcher Greg Reynolds is back in school at Stanford these days, pushing toward an economics degree, but for the past few months, he was acing the introductory section of his professional career."

Anyone know the percentage of college players drafted that receive a degree? I remember a few years back when Mark Prior received his degree from USC, Greg Maddux made a joke about how he was one of the few in the Majors to have a college degree.

  • On the field news for #1:
For Reynolds, the emphasis was on keeping his pitching posture consistent. Modesto pitching coach Butch Hughes spotted a slight flaw during the season, and Rockies roving pitching coordinator Jim Wright has paid special attention.

"I thought I flashed some Major League potential and Major league stuff, but it's just a matter of getting consistent," Reynolds said. "One tweak was they wanted me to stay on line a little better. I have a tendency to throw across my body, so they worked with me on that, even when I was just playing catch in the outfield."

There's no better time than now to fix problems, right? Depending on where he starts the season, we'll learn how much progress he has made in correcting his problems.

  • The Rockies will use new helmets that the Dodgers and Mets used this season. Anyone want to guess how they'll array the team colors on the helmet? Extra points if you alter a picture and show it here.
  • The club will limit Jimenez and Morillo during winter ball and have them pitch near the end of the season.
  • One final thing. I hope the Rockies will be part of this when my time comes.