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Wednesday Morning Rundown

Denver Post reporter Troy Renck says the Rockies are making progress in contract talks with Kaz Matsui, which is a huge relief in my mind. Much as I love Jamey Carroll and what he brought to the team in 2006, the pragmatist in me sees that his stats for the year compared to his career are practically screaming "fluke season" and while I hope he continues to put up strong numbers in 2007, it just can't be expected. What about Matsui, who's numbers with the Mets weren't exactly impressive? The story is different there because of Matsui's time as a superstar in Japan before flopping in the Big Apple. I think both players are risks, but if we retain both, our chances of having success with the position next season are considerably greater.  The other big news is in regards to Chin Hui Tsao, of whom Dan O'Dowd is quoted as saying:

"That injury really does hurt us," O'Dowd said. "There's now concern if he will even pitch again."

Renck also has updates on the Trammell for hitting coach campaign, and the re-signing of Miguel Ascencio (a good move for our bench depth).

Blog action of the last few days:

  1. Todd at Diamond in the Rox is disheartened by an implicit demand of JJ's for the Rox to bring in some players for him to sign an extension, and in general by the Rockies habit of not spending, particularly on free agent pitching the last few seasons.
  2. Rox Head has a different take on the same quote, seeing it as an indication that Jennings is already thinking about moving on. I think he might be on to something. Head Bum also goes down memory lane to point out the odd hypocrisy of Darren Oliver in relation to his role with the Mets and what he wouldn't do with the Rockies.
  3. Up in the Rockies begins an audit of the 2006 team, starting with catcher and the right side of the infield. Although as far as audits go, if my accountant came back to me describing some of my books as "a big poopy flavored lollipop," I'd probably check the diplomas on the wall just to make sure they didn't graduate from Bob's Online School of Accounting and Paranormal Studies or something similar just in case.
That about wraps this up for now, I'll add more as it comes in.