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Thursday Morning: Corrigan not managing Giants yet

Because according to the Rocky Mountain News Jack has signed on with KOA for three more seasons. I actually like him, and am glad that he, the Rockies and KOA have come to terms. Consistency in the radio and television booths goes a long way in establishing a local brand presence for the team, as do other media outlets. Which reminds me, somebody needs to create a Wikipedia page for Tracy Ringolsby, or at least include him on this page. The Rockies have a Hall of Fame reporter covering the team, and you wouldn't even know it.

The agent for Gary Matthews Jr says that the player will "explore his options" rather than re-signing with the Rangers right away. This isn't a surprise, but it's now official that he's on the market. He's likely to be out of the Rockies' price range, and his great year in 2006 at the age of 31 doesn't seem at all in line with his career numbers, meaning he'd be a risk we wouldn't want to take anyway.

What does that leave us? I'm actually warming up to the idea of bringing back Eric Byrnes, who is a year younger, and with the exception of that last half of 2005 -which we unfortunatley were witness too- has been a lot more consistent throughout his career. The first question is will he be better than Cory Sullivan? I think the career stats say the answer to that one is yes, by about 20% or so in run production. The second question is whether the amount of improvement over Sullivan is worth the cost it would take to bring him here? That one's a little more tricky, but if Byrnes is who we end up with I won't be upset (especially when compared to experimenting with the aging Steve finley or the hobbled Darin Erstad).

AFL Update:

Troy Tulowitzki had two more singles yesterday to bring his average after five games up to .333, the thumb injury he's he's been reported to be suffering through is apparently limiting his power, he only has one double as far as extra base hits are concerned. Matt Miller has a double and two homeruns in five games, and Joe Koshansky has a double a homerun and already five walks in just four games. Josh Newman and Judd Songster are pitching well for Grand Canyon in relief appearances, Jim Miller not so much thanks largely to the previously reported shakiness of his first appearance for the Rafters.

In Hawaii: Dexter Fowler has cooled off somewhat from his torrid start as pitchers have learned to avoid his bat at all costs, but Cole Garner hit his second homerun of the winter campaign and Duke Sardinha his first yesterday in another Waikiki loss. EY Jr's bat has been heating up a little this last week after starting slow, he hit a double yesterday as well.