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Friday Morning: Cards in Series, Mets look to next year

As happened with the Yankees last week, as soon as a New York team proves unable to win a championship, the second guessing begins. Forthe Mets, that means plugging all the holes in the rotation so they don't have to rely on Oliver Perez next time they're in a game seven. Which means that they are apparently going to make bids for every free agent starter on the market. Conspicuously absent from that list is the guy who beat them last night, for the second time this series. Unfortunately for the Rockies, though, it looks like NLCS MVP Jeff Suppan might have bumped himself into the upper tier of free agent pitching available anyway, but that just means somebody else drops to the second tier, Gil Meche, maybe?.

I'm not sure how much credence I give to this writer anyway, who goes on to say, "...there's no reason to think Carlos Delgado or Paul Lo Duca will have their production fall off."

Uhm, except for the fact that they'll both be 35 next season? I'm not saying the Mets won't be a very good team still next season, but I am saying that there are a couple of players that are getting up there.

Anyway, since there's not much Rockies news I just brought New York up since they are one of the teams that will drive the market this offseason, and by watching their moves, it should help us know who and what we'll be able to get to fill in our own needs.

Fall/Winter League updates:

I haven't gotten around to checking everywhere yet, but I did see that Choo Freeman continues to mash in Mexico, going three for three with a double and two walks yesterday, he also stole his second base and gunned down a runner at second. He's now batting .571 so far in eight games and 35 AB's, maybe we ought to start taking him seriously. David Cortes wound up taking the six to five loss, giving up two runs in the bottom of the ninth on three hits and a walk.

Troy Tulowitzki had two more singles in the AFL, Matt Miller had a double and Jim Miller pitched a scoreless inning to lower his Fall League ERA to 9.00.