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World Series Game Thread #3

Robertson vs Carpenter

This is a tricky matchup for both teams, Robertson is a tough lefthander, and the Cardinals don't do very well against the southpaws (for instance, lets reminisce about two of Jeff Francis' biggest wins on the year, May 8 and especially his two hitter on July 24) but Carpenter is in contention for the Cy Young again and won't go down easy.

Before the game, MLB is expected to announce the new labor agreement, hopefully we'll finally get some clarification on the conflicting reports about what modifications to the current free agent draft pick compensation are to be made. Thomas Harding did a mailbag at the official site, noting that Ian Stewart will get some work in the outfield next season and that Alvin Colina is headed back to the minors as he reiterated the Rox want a catcher with MLB experience to back up Iannetta and Torrealba (get Sal!).