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Friday Morning: Colorado Rockies Looking at Chris Burke for CF?

According to Renck at the Post, Astros infielder/outfielder Chris Burke is the latest player to interest the Rockies for their opening up the middle. Renck reiterates that should a trade for Burke not materialize the Rockies, would continue to try and get Coco Crisp from Boston or reach out for one of a trifecta of free agents: Dave Roberts, Jay Payton, or Darin Erstad. At least Steve Finley's no longer on the list. Now if we can get rid of Erstad we'll be alright, I figure.

Actually, if Burke really is available, this would be an excellent choice, but this is the first I've heard of any team targeting him. From reports I've read, most teams seem to be after the Astros' other multi-tooled young outfielder, Willy Taveras. I could see why the Astros would be relunctant to give up Burke, after his dramatic homerun in the eighteenth inning to decide a game in the NLDS against the Mets last season, he's become a Houston icon and at 26 -with just two seasons of MLB experience- he's still quite affordable. I'm going to put this one in the category of pipe dream for right now, until I get more of an indication that he's actually available.

Two more items from the Renck article of note:
First, the club appears ready to pick up BK's option -a wise move given the uncertainty of the FA market for starting pitchers-

So it should come as no surprise that the Rockies have already engaged in active trade discussions with three teams in an attempt to land a starter and eighth-inning reliever. The Rockies' top three starters are set - and they are expected to pick up Byung-Hyun Kim's option, which gives them protection and provides trade flexibility if another team comes after the right-hander.

Starters who fit the bounce- back profile that the Rockies had interest in last summer include Baltimore's Rodrigo Lopez and the Cardinals' Jorge Sosa.

Err... okay... "bounce-back profile"? Why can't they just say "damaged goods" like everybody else and be done with it?

Second, it seems management doesn't want us to get our hopes up of having Gary Carter as coach, as they seem to have made it quite clear that Alan Cockrell is getting "strong consideration" for the hitting coach job. Sigh. Another feint to the press followed by the disappointment of lowered expectations for the fans from the front office, apparently. It's sad that their M.O continues even to coaching vacancies.

Ringolsby at the Rocky Mountain News, meanwhile comes down on management's side in the CBA and Gary Sheffield cases, and reminds us of the Rockies six arbitration eligible players:

Cory Sullivan
Yorvit Torrealba
Matt Holliday
Josh Fogg
Jamey Carroll
Jeremy Affeldt

With the news about BK's option, this could mean that the Rockies have decided to set Fogg free, so he'd be the only one I wouldn't be surprised to see the team offer arbitration too, with Sullivan having an outside shot of being set free as well, depending on how fast we move in regards to the CF vacancy and whether or not we can drum up takers for him via trade.