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Your 2007 Starting Center Fielder for the Rockies. . . Alex Rios?

[editor's note, by Russ in NY] Thanks to OhNo for pointing this out.

In the Denver Post, Troy Renck mentions the Blue Jays' Alex Rios as a possiblility in CF via trade.

Here's what OhNo had to say earlier today:

Finally, a big name centerfield candidate reported in the Denver Post!

Alex Rios should be the team's number one target and possibly should overspend if they need to.  He has Gold Glove written all over him, plenty of pop, and is raw enough to get even better than he currently is.  If it means anything to anyone, this move would get my full endorsement.  Excellent name to pusue and kudos to O'Dowd for attempting it.

I agree, and will also add that he's cheap for the next few years. When O'Dowd'll actually speak with J.P. Ricciardi is anyone's guess.

One of the more disturbing pieces of information in the article is that Darin Erstad is high on the team's wish list. He suffered a right ankle injury twice this past season and no one wants to have that kind of injury lingering over them while covering the vast outfield of Coors. Maybe he'd have a better go around with the Broncos as their punter.

Octavio Dotel? Maybe a few years ago when he'd be out of the Rockies' price range.

Trading Kim after picking up his option? It depends on who O'Dowd is trying to acquire.