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Toblogganin': More end of season thoughts

I'll get to the blogs in a second, but first, the AP asked our first baseman if he thought there was any redeeming value to Rockies 2006:

"No," Helton said. "It's a very disappointing season. There's no way around it."

Todd said this while Hurdle continued to spin the positives as best he could. You can tell who's salary is more secure for the next couple of seasons. Anyway, here are a couple more blog reactions:

Drew at Baseball with an Altitude will have more to say, I'm certain, but his initial thoughts pointed out the number that everybody's talking about, the one that got Espy "reassigned":

The Rockies hit .231 as a team with two outs and RISP.

...I know I'll be thinking about the missed opportunities all offseason.

Dan at Up in the Rockies takes heart in the solid core that's forming, but notes that there's still some needed roster construction ahead:

Winning teams are very close to being reality at 20th and Blake - the emergence of stars and promising youngsters showed us that. Now, it's time once again for an offseason in which holes must be filled. If O'Dowd has the right solutions, I might just be writing a playoff preview this time next year.

The Coors Effect checks in with a review of which teams seemed to have our number as well as a check-up of how the Rockies fared with each starter:

Want an oversimplified reason why the Rockies finished under .500?  Look at that record against the Dodgers.  Over 10 percent of the schedule is against the Dodgers -- and the Rockies went 4-15.  They didn't do so hot against the Diamondbacks, either.

InToddwetrust's diary to the side, "Center of our problems", is creating an excellent discussion over what direction we think the Rockies should take in regards to one of this offseason's most pressing needs, be certain to check it, as well as these other articles out.