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Post-Season Game Thread #1: Triple-header Tuesday

A's at Twins, Game One, 11:00 MT

Zito vs Santana

Minnesota's half season long, semi-miraculous rally to overtake the Tigers on the last day of the season was a fantastic story-line this summer, but since it didn't play out in New York, Boston, or LA not a lot of attention was given to it until the very end. At any rate, thanks to that come back, the Twins also earned themselves homefield advantage against the A's, and if you remember lessons from post-seasons past, that's a huge deal for Minnesota. I picked them for the World Series this year despite the fact that they're missing Liriano because the lineup is the only one that stacks up remotely with the Yankees (who I hope get unlucky versus the Tigers anyway) and the rotation is still the best in the AL, even without Francisco. Johan leads the way, of course, and while Barry Zito and I go way back (well, we would have gone way back had he ever returned my calls at SC) I have to pick the Twins for the win here.

Padres at Cardinals, Game One, 2:00 MT

Peavy vs Carpenter

This isn't the same mismatched series it was last season, so if St Louis fans think they have a cakewalk coming, they better think again. Expect Prince Albert to come up big, but wily Bochy, with his devil pact in full force will come up with a way to beat these papists.

Tigers at Yankees, Game One, 6:00 MT

Robertson vs Wang

I'm sorry, that just does not sound like an epic matchup to me. I mean, Zito-Santana has two Cy Young winners, Peavy-Carp has one and this game has Nate vs Chien-Ming. Really. And that's the best the Yankees can offer this season. Wait, I've got to re-do this:

Tigers at Yankees, Game One, 6:00 MT

Leyland vs Torre

At least that sounds more epic, hall of fame worthy and all. Sigh. The Yanks will probably prove me wrong and I'll have more reason to hate them, but I just don't see it happening this season and the Tigers collapse at the end opened up some very serious flaws. Maybe they get past New York, but then they'll have to go through Minnesota or Oakland, and I don't think they'll manage this year.

Update [2006-10-3 9:53:31 by Rox Girl]:

Congrats to all these teams for making the post season. To catch what their fans are saying about the games, visit:

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or scurrying behind your sink, slinking under your flooring, or lurking in most other dark, damp places, including Pinstripe Alley if you're looking for Yankees fans.