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Elias Rankings

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Fresh off the press, the Elias rankings have been released.

Let's take a look at where some some Rockies placed:

DH, 1st Base, Outfield
3 Matt Holliday 95.111 A
8 Todd Helton 84.348 A
21 Brad Hawpe 75.556 A

21 Yorvit Torrealba 52.381 C
26 Chris Iannetta 39.927

2nd Base, 3rd Base, SS
9 Garrett Atkins 78.261 A
30 Jamey Carroll 63.420 B
41 Clint Barmes 52.381 B
64 Troy Tulowitzki 30.952

Starting Pitchers
31 Jeff Francis 65.523 A
37t Jason Jennings 59.641 B
45 Aaron Cook 54.248 B
58 Josh Fogg 45.915 C
59 Byung-Hyun Kim 45.507 C

Relief Pitchers
6 Brian Fuentes 85.073 A
69 Ramon Ramirez 49.923 B
70t Jose Mesa 49.694 B
88 Jeremy Affeldt 42.315
110 Manuel Corpas 34.752

I'm a bit surprised that Brad Hawpe would receive 'A' compensation if he was a FA. Chris Iannetta ranks slightly below Torrealba after only one month in the Majors. And if 'C'-type players no longer receive compensation, what's the point of even listing the designation anymore?