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Post Season Game Thread #2: Dodgers/Mets start up, plus two game 2's

ALDS Game 2:
Oakland vs Minnesota

Loaiza vs Bonser

Yay Boof! Interesting side note, remember Grant from McCovey Chronicles? The one that hates us so much? Anyway, before joining the SBN, he used to have a Giants blog called "Waiting for Boof" which of course turned out to be kind of ironic when he  praised Brian Sabean for making the the dumbest deal of the century so far. I only bring that archived post up because Grant forgot to send me the extortion bill this month. How can you possibly not understate the fleecing the Giants took in this deal. Seriously, where's the federal investigation? Luckily the Rockies are still reaping the benefits, one of which, besides the obvious of not having to face a rotation of Liriano, Cain, Schmidt, Bonser and Lowry -with Nathan as a closer- nineteen times a season is that this move would eventually push our own Yorvit Torrealba out the Giants' revolving door as well. I giggle every time I see one of these ex-Giant current Twins. GO BOOF!

NLDS, Game One
Dodgers vs Mets

Lowe vs Maine

The big question is just how serious El Duques injury is, and if he pitches, how effective will he be? People should pick the Mets here if they were smart, because personally I don't see how they're going to win without Pedro, and now possible with a less than 100% Hernandez. i think the Dodgers for the most part have a lineup that can stack up to that of the Mets, Repko notwithstanding, and with David Wright tailing off a little in the second half, this series at the very least should be a lot closer than a lot of people seem to think.

Update [2006-10-4 13:49:11 by Rox Girl]:

El Duque's out for the series, John Maine's in as the starter for the Mets. Not exactly an upgrade. New York's got to almost completely rely on its potent offense at this point.

ALDS, Game 2
Tigers vs Yankees

Verlander vs Mussina

I like this pitching matchup much more than yesterday's. It's a sort of changing of the guard theme with one outstanding veteran going against a fiery and talented rookie. Yeah, Moose will probably school the kid, but still, it makes for a great storyline for the folks at ESPN.