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Post Season Game Thread #3: Thursday

Sorry we're late today, I got caught up away from the computer for a little longer than expected this morning. I'll update this thread as the day goes on.

ALDS Game 2
Detroit vs New York

Verlander vs Mussina

The Tigers are up one to nothing over the Yankees in the third in a make-up game from yesterday's wash out. So far, the expected pitching duel has materialized as the starters have dominated. The only run being scored by some timely hitting from the bottom of the Tigers' lineup, Craig Monroe doubled and catcher Marcus Thames knocked him in.

NLDS, Game 2
Cardinals vs Padres

Weaver vs Wells

The National League this afternoon/evening features several pitchers made famous in playoffs past, starting with this slate of two former Yankees hurlers at Petco.

NLDS, Game 2
Dodgers vs Mets

Kuo vs Glavine

Okay, so the Dodger is the exception to experienced post-season performers, still Kuo's strong season showed a remarkable breakthrough performance, and LA hopes he can build on that tonight by beating Glavine at Shea Stadium.