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Thursday Roundup: Goldstein like Tulo, not liking Miller so much, though

Not much coming from the underground as far as the Rockies are concerned, but there are a couple of center field notes from around the league that might be of interest. First, the Red Sox sent Adam Stern to Baltimore to complete the Javy Lopez trade they made earlier this summer. Stern, you might recall, was once part of the discussion with the Rockies in 2005's failed trade talks involving Eric Byrnes and Ryan Shealy. Another note, yesterday in the comments I mentioned that Cory Sullivan might be available as a trade chit should the Rockies acquire an upgrade in the middle this offseason. Cory would seemingly fit well with the Marlins, who are looking for a cheap player there. The article doesn't mention the Fish being interested, however, focusing instead on the Astros' Willy Tavares, the Dodgers' Matt Kemp and the White Sox' Brian Anderson.

As I alluded to in my title, BP's  Kevin Goldstein continues his AFL preview today, this time going over the outfield and shortstop. of course Tulo ranks highly in this regard, but you might be surprised to note that he ranks Matt Miller dead last among AFL right fielders, citing his relative age and poor performance at Tulsa. The problem with this? Miller only spent a couple hundred at bats in Tulsa late in the year, and had a hard time finding regular playing time in the stacked outfield there. When he was playing regularly, in the first half in Modesto, he dominated the league offensively, just as he did the SAL a season before. Add in the success Miller had in a few AB's at AAA, and I think Goldstein's myopic evaluation misses the mark.

[editor's note, by Rox Fan in NY] I'm having modem problems, but I could be back later tomorrow evening.