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2006 Playoffs: Day 5 - Is it the end for the Yankees (yet again)?

NLDS - 1 pm
Padres: Chris Young
Cardinals: Jeff Suppan

With the win, St. Louis would be the first NL team to advance to the LCS.

ALDS - 4 pm
Yankees: Jaret Wright
Tigers: Jeremy Bonderman

After last night's huge performance by Kenny Rogers (who I don't believe makes a mean chicken), the Tigers can advance to the LCS and face the A's. And the Yankees, once again, won't win the World Series.

NLDS - 8 pm
Mets: Steve Trachsel
Dodgers: Greg Maddux

It's quite possible all the series could end today if the Mets win also. But (Oregon @ Cal on ABC)=(me at SBN's newest member Addicted to Quack).