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Saturday Morning Post: Fowler rides a rip tide in Hawaii

I know most of the action that we're paying attention to is at the MLB level, but I did want to point out that Dexter Fowler is teeing off for the BeachBoys down in Waikiki, going seven for twelve in his first four games. Add in his two walks and an HBP, and his OBP thus far is a whopping .769. He has a double, a triple and although he's only one out of two in the SB department, it's still been quite a way to get out of the gate. Other Rockies prospects haven't fared as well down in paradise, with our bats being mostly silent, albeit one of Cole Garner's two hits thus far was a clutch three run homerun that tied the game Tuesday (Waikiki would go on to win four to three). Dragon Lo and Adam Bright got hit pretty hard pitching a couple of days ago. Shane Lindsay hasn't pitched yet, so I'm assuming that maybe he gets the nod in today's game.

As for news around the big league club, in the locals there's yesterday's rumor out of the Rocky Mountain News that the Rockies might be interested in bringing Sandy Alomar back (among others mentioned) as a hitting coach, or more dumb stuff from Dave Krieger (fans demand that the Rockies trade Helton?) as he tries to rile up our first baseman. So far, I've seen several suggestions that trading Todd might be in the best interest of the club, I've seen several defenses of Todd as a Rockie as well. Krieger should know from all his Broncos coverage that fans demanding a player or coach's dismissal sounds considerably different than the murmurs around Helton. Personally, I demand that the News fires this hack, or at least keeps him as far away from the Rockies beat as possible before he messes up everything.

In indirect Rockies news, a couple more interesting reports on two centerfielders whose 2007 options might or might not be picked up after the playoffs: Torii Hunter seems likely to return to the Twins and the ailing Jim Edmonds' status with the Cards remains iffy. Now, regarding Hunter, look at this other article from Minnesota. This hasn't really been brought up, but I was thinking that the possibility might exist for the Rockies to still wind up with Torii even if the Twins pick up his option via the trade route. Minnesota has a lot of needs to fill this offseason, and the Rockies have a lot of good, young affordable players the Twins might be interested in. If Torii was willing to negotiate an extension and accept a move to Coors Field, that is. Anyway, just a thought I had.