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A List of Candidates for Center and 8th Inning Relief

Read it here.

It includes most of the usual names we've read for the last month or so. But, hey, here's a new one:

7. Brady Clark, 33: Brewers willing to trade Clark, who had a .372 on-base percentage in 2005.

Just not buying it. Look, if Renck really wanted to make Clark attractive he should have pointed out his .426 SLG or 13 homers last season, or more likely his .385 OBP in 2004. Or we could have the truth: Brady Clark just isn't the answer but if enough names are thrown out it will look like management is making an attempt. But if he does become a target, what would O'Dowd part with?

The list for relief pitchers looks a little better but if you need to include "money willing" when writing about players the Rockies could be interested in, they're not interested.