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Global Warming: Soon everybody will have damp ones

Ah, the Humidor. Source of fifth grade humor all over the blogosphere. From now on, since we had the first one, ours should be capitalized. Like Karl Rove's Math should be capitalized. Now that humidors are about to become as run of the mill at MLB stadiums as hot dog stands, we need to make sure that the Rocky Mountain Original is distinguished from all the rest.

Anyway, according to the Denver Post article (and another one earlier this week) the Rockies are still looking at Rod Barajas due to concern about Yorvit's shoulder. The shoulder news is bad, but if Barajas is cheap, he'd be a nice addition, and certainly better than Geronimo Gil.

One NL West deal to report this morning about another catcher the Rox were once interested in: Rumors out of Philadelphia have the Phillies Pat Burrell coming to Arizona in exchange for Johnny Estrada and an unnamed prospect. I'll update this later as more news comes in.