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Random Pebble Report & (Right to Negotiate a Contract with Matsuzaka)>(Rockies' 2006 Payroll)

Just some Rockies minors notes from around the internet:

Remember about a week or so ago I said Project Prospect had Rockies among the top five prospects in all of baseball in the three positions they had covered so far? Well add number four to that list, Troy Tulowitzki takes home the top honor among shortstops. No word on Jonathan Herrera, but BA had him #7 so I'm assuming he'd be just out of the scope of this list.

Herrera ranks #8 in the Rockies system according to Top Prospect Alert. No other real surprises, except for the slightly lower than expected ranking of Franklin Morales. He should be in the top five, but with our system, it's hard to argue with the guys they did pick.

Tulo and Koshansky are having nice games so far today for Grand Canyon in the AFL, Joe just drove in a pair with a single and Tulo scored on the play as well somehow, the Rafters lead six to three. By the way, speaking of the winter/fall league baseball, how come no one told me that the Rockies traded Andrew Johnston to the Giants for Alexander Hinshaw? Just kidding, the writer obviously got the parent teams confused. Anyway, click  on the story link to find out Chris Nelson hit his first HR in the HWB to seal another victory for the Beach Boys. Anybody else got anything? Feel free to comment.

Update [2006-11-14 21:4:0 by Russ in NY]: Red Sox bid $51.1M just to negotiate a contract with Matsuzaka.