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Report: Jennings Available

According to New York Post columist Joel Sherman, the Rockies have let teams know that Jason Jennings is available this offseason. This should make our quest for a quality centerfielder at least a little more realistic. For example, the Houston Astros are looking for mid-rotation starters to slot in behind Roy Oswalt, a Jennings for Chris Burke plus two to three quality prospects package seems reasonable to me.

Not enough for you? Consider this: with Dontrelle Willis likely staying put in Florida at least until the trade deadline, and rumors of Jake Peavy's availability seeming overblown as well, Jennings appears to be one of the best available options right now for teams seeking starting pitchers. The Mets have been offering Milledge and Heilman for those two, would they offer something comparable for Jennings? Much as I love JJ, I think this is a smart move by the front office given his trade value is unlikely to be much higher six months from now and his future with the Rockies after next season seems very much in doubt.

The Denver Post is reporting Coco Crisp is unavailable, but has brought up the Phillies' Aaron Rowand as yet another possibility in center. One more piece of juicy gossip and I'll stop updating this thread, I swear: Rosenthal says we're interested in Carl Pavano if the Yankees eat a portion of his salary. That would certainly be an interesting pick-up to see if he can return to his healthy Florida form. It finally seems as if the Rockies have wisened up about buying low and selling high.