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Afternoon/Evening Post: More Reasons for Optimism

Nothing much to report right now, other than another great game for Tulo and Koshansky in the desert. Tulowitzki went two for three with his first AFL homerun and a double and Joe K had three hits, including a double, and three RBI in the Rafters ten to three victory. Tulo's OPS is now over .800 barrier for the AFL season, I'm feeling more confident about his chances of securing the starting shortstop post next Spring. We'll definitely see Koshansky at some point next season as well -so long as we don't trade him first :(

Anyway, Baseball Analysts' Ricch Lederer sees the same problematic aftermath of the Drew exodus from Dodgerland that I do, namely that all of the sudden a once fearsome lineup has lost some considerable claws. Funny, San Diego traded away Ben Johnson to go after Barry Bonds? Whatever. Bonds in SD, Bonds in SF, it doesn't matter, Barry's days of being a major intimidation are over. The most he'll give the Padres is 20 HR or so and a slow clog to the basepaths from all the walks he'll be given. And then next season, who will the Pods replace him with? Plus they're thinking of replacing Barfield with Craig Counsell. Yeah, San Diego is a few mis-steps away from being as old and irrelevant to the division as San Fran. Kevin Towers is usually a great finisher, though, so the end product will probably be a lot spiffier than what we're currently seeing in the rumors.