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More Jennings info

Both the Post and the News have picked up on the Jennings rumors this morning, and have brought some greater detail to the behind the scenes machinations. Apparently the Rockies have offered JJ two years at $7 million per, which is probably a considerable discount to what he'll get on the open market. Whether he accepts that to stay with the club or brings back a reasonable counter-offer is yet to be seen, but it looks like the negotiations remain amicable.

Other teams have quickly picked up on the info as well, the Rangers apparently would be intrigued about bringing a native son back, with this columnist suggesting a deal of Edison Volquez plus left handed reliever CJ Wilson. Although Volquez has struggled the last two seasons in brief late season MLB call-ups, his talent is considerable and he'd be right with Ubaldo Jimenez in top of the rotation potential. His exploding fastball and great make-up have drawn comparisons to Pedro Martinez, although he needs better command and to harness his breaking ball.

Finally, speaking of trade rumors, one of the best sites to satisfy all your rumormongering needs, Tim Dierkes' , did a Rockies 2007 preview yesterday. Be sure to check it out as Dierkes' analysis seems spot on, and he shows how far we've come along in the small market success cycle.

Update [2006-11-15 9:33:39 by Rox Girl]:

Correcting columnist ignorance:

South Florida Sun-Sentinel columnist Mike Berardino, in assessing Cory Sullivan as a "lesser option" in center (don't worry, compared to some of the names he throws out, Sullivan is) does get one point wrong and it sort of bugged me:

Lesser options include Chris Denorfia (Reds), Franklin Gutierrez (Indians), David Murphy (Red Sox) and Cory Sullivan (Rockies), although the latter two aren't much against lefties.

Here's the OPS vs lefties of all the candidates he mentioned in 2006:

Chris Young .985
David DeJesus .912
Cory Sullivan .830
Rocco Baldelli .828
Chris Denorfia .768
Shane Victorino .764
Brian Anderson .637
Willy Taveras .631
Chris Duffy .611
Matt Kemp .578
David Murphy .000 (only one AB)

Mr Berardino, look, just because you pull something out of your derriere doesn't make it true or printworthy, okay?

Update [2006-11-15 10:17:49 by Russ in NY]:

Beyond the Boxscore labels Seth Smith as "solid, not spectacular." I can't argue against that.