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Rockies and D-backs left alone in Tucson

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So apparently the Dodgers and White Sox have agreed with the Phoenix suburb of Glendale to house their Spring Training facilities there. This is leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of two communities, Pima County and specifically, Tucson, as is mentioned here, as well as Vero Beach in Florida, which has been known as "Dodgertown" for years. The sum result will make Spring trips to Phoenix even more fun for baseball freaks, as usually if you time things right you can catch at least two and sometimes even three games some days.

I love the Rockies and making my quiet excursions out to Hi Corbett Field, but I've got to be honest and say that when I go to Spring Training, I usually try to stay in Phoenix and for the most part have the Rockies travel squad come to me as there's just not as much to do on the side in and around Tucson. I'll go out to Tucson one or two days in a week-long trip to see if I can get a glimpse of some of the pups, but you can see so many more players in the Phoenix area. Add the Dodgers and White Sox to the pool and it becomes even more of a gawk-fest.

Not me, but I'm thinking of going blonde again, at least highlights, but that's too much info...

As long as I'm being a tour guide, for more information about planning your next trip to see the Rockies in the desert, visit the official Rockies site, or go through other independent resources like this site. I mean, they seem like they're nice. They have a kid on the front page of the website and everything.

Update [2006-11-17 10:2:24 by Rox Girl]:

Interesting article on the White Sox move, the legal actions being intitiated to stop it, and the Rockies' side of the story in today's Arizona Republic:

Only two other teams, the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks, play spring ball in the Tucson area. And the Rockies selected Tucson's Hi Corbett Stadium on the condition that at least two other teams were located in Pima County, said Fred Gray, Tucson's director of parks and recreation.

If the White Sox relocate to the Valley, Gray said it's unclear whether the Rockies have the option of breaking their lease, too...

"We're certainly watching very closely," said Jay Alves, the Rockies' vice president of communications. "We're always hopeful that more teams will come (to Pima County)."