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Friday Morning

First of all, the Post should try to trade Mark Kiszla for sack of Brussels Sprouts, if they can even get that. Maybe some backwoods paper in Minnesota would like him to cover the curling beat, but I'm tired of wasting thirty seconds of trivial eyesight with his asinine grumblings. Anyway, the other Post writer covering the Jennings saga today, Troy Renck, at least sees the forest for the trees. In this market, the Rockies would be crazy not to listen to offers for JJ. And offers will come, and for the next few weeks as free agent signings become more and more insane, the prospects or players being moved for a #2 starter like Jennings will improve in quality, it's just how a barter market works. Anyway Joel Sherman, who originally reported that the Rockies were fielding offers for JJ reports that the Mets would be interested, adding to the pool of confirmed suitors. Once a couple more free agents start to sign, the pool will increase.

On the center field front, a few names can seemingly be eliminated from contention. The Pirates' Chris Duffy, the Astros' Willy Taveras, and the Cubs' Felix Pie all have been  taken off the table at least until better offers come in. These reports are coming from Florida which has a nice array of young pitching to offer, so this news will probably be unwelcome to Rockies fans as we don't have quite the same ready package of arms to deal. Even as those avenues are closed, the Phillies are opening at least a little in regards to Aaron Rowand, but it seems unlikely that the Rockies would have the relief package they are after.

As far as our divisional rivals, The Dodgers appear set to re-sign Nomar even as JD Drew appears headed to Boston. From my standpoint, given a choice I'd rather they retain Nomar than Drew, so this switch from how it looked at the beginning of the off-season seems like a plus to me. I'll update more later, ciao.

Tracy Ringolsby quashes some rumors and speculation in his latest mailbag. The first question regarding Brad Hawpe's trade status is particularly of note, I think that as with JJ, the team has to listen to see if any really stand-out offers come across the table, but there's no need or even desire to ship him off if they don't. He does have to be considered one of our prime trading chips, however given the corners we have at the MLB level and those knocking on the door just below.