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Check it out, they have lineups and splits and batting orders now. Looking at the batting orders page, you can actually see boxscores and the progression of the season from hopeful to despairing. Note how it takes past the sixth of August before both Sullivan and Barmes are relegated to the bottom of the lineup on a regular basis, and from there just a couple more weeks before they are being subbed out in favor of Salazar and Tulo. It's also interesting to notice how the late season surge in offense comes around right about the time Matsui and Iannetta arrive, but our pitchers start giving up more runs about the same time as well. This has been cited as a result of Coors becoming less neutral, but notice how we had the same effect on the road as we did at home. I think other factors were at work, namely a young and fatigued starting rotation was pitching pretty poorly (also we had a couple of shaky starts by late-season call-ups) while our offense actually got better. We'll find out in April for sure.