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Who we're asking for:

From the Mets:

Pelfrey or Humber + Milledge or Johnson

From the Cubs:

Some package that includes Rich Hill and I'm assuming a reliever.

From the Rangers:

Who knows? But given those first two wish items it's likely to be better than the Volquez/Wilson duo, probably Danks or Hurley instead plus Wilson.

From the Astros:

Chris Burke + other stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if Bucholz or Hirsh were on the list.

From the Twins?:

It's probably some combo of Garza, Baker or Perkins plus a reliever.

Wishful thinking? Wait until the owners meeting and we'll see. I can say that if we don't get a package like this for Jennings, it's not worth it to deal him. JJ was a top 15 starter in the MLB last season by most advanced statistical measures. It's likely that he'll be at least a top forty starter this year, possibly even maintaining his hold on a spot in the top twenty. He's only going to make $5.5 million in 2007. Adam Eaton, who will not be a top forty pitcher in 2007, has a chance to make twice that. Gil Meche as well. Some team's going to crack on this eventually. I see no reason to capitulate now, as the very least that happens is we keep him, make a semi-decent run in the NL West, and then let him walk for a draft pick next year.

Anyway, not capitulating but we do have some other players that could sweeten the pot and not hurt the future of the franchise. If it means we get Garza, maybe the Twins would like Joe Gaetti, who would instantly be their second best outfield prospect behind Chris Parmalee and could be ready to help out by mid-season. Oh, and his name might be recognizable there.

As for Humber or Pelfrey, the Mets are also in need of outfielders, Matt Miller or Seth Smith would both be better in 2007 than what they currently have in their corners, assuming Milledge doesn't take a big step forward. The Cubs are looking for a corner or two as well and we've got plenty to spare. Anyway, right now I'm inclined to believe that some deal that Rockies fans could be pleased with will get done this offseason.

Update [2006-11-18 16:16:38 by Russ in NY]: Ken Rosenthal reports the Rockies won't be "serious" about trading JJ until the market settles; oh, and Manny for Todd?