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Monday Afternoon Linkages

Not much this Monday, first of all, if Kaz and Daisuke are such great friends you think he could convince the pitcher to come over here after a little while? Maybe it might be wise to pocket Matsui after this season just in case. :)

Next link comes via Halos Heaven in regards to our future center fielder, Darin Erstad, from eight years ago, wherein he states: "I'm not a Rickey Henderson type of leadoff hitter," and other pearls of wisdom. Hey, the good news is back then, back eight years ago.., in the nineties.., he thought that he could convert back to the outfield if he had to.

Top Prospect Alert only has one Rockie (Tulo #10) in their top 50, but five more in their second fifty. I'm confident after reading evaluations of Eric Young Jr and Jonathan Herrera lately that we might need two more on the list in the back end, maybe a third depending on your feelings about Joe Koshansky. And Chris Iannetta is woefully underrated at #51. Other than that, I think I'm comfortable with the rankings for now.

Finally, as a Western Slope raised girl, I'm happy to note that the Golden Baseball League is thinking of putting a franchise in G.J. As the article notes, Grand Junction is a long way from anywhere, but it's the closest city of any discernible size for thousands on the Western Slope, and it would be nice to see professional baseball come to a great baseball town most notable for hosting the JuCo World Series every year.