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Roster Rosteria

So by now you all have heard the news that the Rockies extended invitations into the cult of their forty man roster to three more candidates deemed worthy from the farm:

Ryan Speier, who returns after being in the inner circle of twenty-five once before.

Darren Clarke, the behemoth of San Diego, him of the 98 mph fastball.

Jonathan Herrera, the silver gloved shortstop envied by all teams for his nimbleness and bat.

Welcome gentlemen. Now the rest of us left outside looking in can parse out what this means for those who remain unprotected, who we think might be vulnerable to the Rule 5 draft coming up. And what exactly is the significance of leaving four spots open? Do we expect to find a gem of our own in said draft? Or are we anticipating a multiple player influx via a trade? I think I need a codex to discern what's on the baffling minds of those who pull the strings in this matter.

What I do know is that seldom do corner players get much play in the Rule 5 unless they're particularly special, teams are typically looking for up the middle help or live arms. That's why players like Q and Jayson Nix are protected but players like Jordan Czarniecki and Joe Gaetti are not. Still, Gaetti has enough raw power to draw some interest, and what about Marc Kaiser and his incredible GB/FB rates? Would a team take a flyer on him? I'm going to trust management on those two and assume we're safe for now and go into December's draft thinking that if anything we'll be selecting and not be selected from. Anybody know of any centerfielders or catchers left unprotected from other teams this year?