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Tracy Ringolsby, please don't do this to me:

More likely, the Rockies will look toward a Darin Erstad, who has battled injuries, or Steve Finley, who will play at 42 next season, knowing that highly touted Rockies prospect Dexter Fowler is maybe two years removed from being ready to step in.

He cites as the reason why the Rockies would engage in this sort of folly something dubbed the "Denny Neagle" factor. Isn't the Denny Hocking Factor just as pertinent? Why would the Rockies insist on going after old and barely functional players to fill a position of such importance? I need to re-find religion, there must be some deity I can pray to for this to not happen. If this is what it comes to, I'll be begging for Jay Payton.

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Please, stop. Shield my tender ears from hearing such things. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, kind of, ARRRGGGHH! NO DARIN ERSTAD! NO STEVE FINLEY! anyway, I can move on to point out that among our division rivals, the Dodgers, as expected are poised to go after Zito, Schmidt, Carlos Lee, Aramis Ramirez and just about every other big name free agent out there. And this in addition to trying to re-sign Greg Maddux, who's also rumored in that article to be a target of the Padres. The Giants are players for Gary Matthews Jr, and apparently a potential trade destination of Pat Burrell. No real word lately out of Arizona other than a general idea that they are looking hard for more pitching.


Update [2006-11-3 8:40:32 by Rox Girl]:

A little sanity?

Troy Renck at the Post at least mentions Kenny Lofton as another alternative in the mix. Lofton isn't anything great, but he isn't the disaster waiting to happen that Finley or Erstad would represent. Renck also says that Craig Counsell could come back to the Rox if the Kaz talks go south. What was a comical rumor is now getting legs, apparently.