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Afternoon Links: Spring Schedule released, Deuce making an impression

A couple at least have come to my attention, first, the Rockies have announced their Spring 2007 schedule so you can start making your plans for a trip to Arizona. You have to wait to January to buy tickets, however. Thomas Harding does a mailbag where he seems to be in a very agreeable mood. Yes on Brad Hawpe, yes on Eric Gagne and yes on Kenny Lofton. Okay, so with those last two he included the fine print: if the Rockies can afford it.

Finally, a couple of good links to the Hardball Times, first, Chris Constancio makes note of Deuce, calling Eric Young's an overachieving performance in Hawaii and stating that he too sees EY Jr as a future top of the lineup threat. It's nice to be so stacked up the middle. The second link doesn't really have much to do with the Rockies except by indirect inferences, but it is interesting to read Sal Baxamusa's article about the value of inconsistency in this year's NL Cy Young race. If Silverblood's around, she'll be happy to note that the results come down decidedly in favor of the Cardinals' Chris Carpenter.