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Cockrell and Hill added to staff, other stuff.

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Well, we knew from this morning that Alan Cockrell's promotion as hitting coach was imminent, but according to the official site, Glenallen Hill has also been added as first base coach. This means that Modesto has a vacancy for its manager for the second time in the last five months, so we'll keep an eye on who the Rockies peg for a job there.

A couple of other links, I've been looking at Project Prospect, a site run by Adam Foster, a former writer at So far he's gone through with his top five prospects at three positions, first base, second and catcher and the Rockies have representation in all three. Joe Koshansky and Chris Iannetta are each fourth at their positions, and Eric Young Jr ranks fifth.

Speaking of Iannetta and Koshansky, if we really wanted Jeremy Bonderman, would they be worth it? Just a question to ponder as they seem to be just about what the Tigers would be looking for. I'm going to vote nay solely because Iannetta's too valuable as an everyday catcher, but it is interesting to think about nonetheless.

Update [2006-11-7 19:49:49 by Russ in NY]: Jennings' option officially picked up.