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Purps Preview

I think we'll be dong the next poll in early December, originally it was meant to coincide with the expected shift in the poll that followed the results of the Rule 5 draft, but now that there's not going to be such a beast, or at least now that its ability to sink its fangs into the Rockies has been eufficiently neutered, we probably don't need to wait as long anymore. So I'm going to say the weekend of Friday December 1, through the Monday December 4 for the polling. At any rate, I would like to go over questions about some of our prospects a little more in detail well before that so that everybody's prepared.


First, as far as our current list goes, Shane Lindsay of course is undergoing surgery for a torn labrum so please realize that his future is very uncertain, he probably needs to be dropped considerably in the rankings if not completely. Enmanuel Ulloa is taking up space that I'm going to say probably needs to go to Daniel Mayora. Any other vacant spot left open by other moves will be a tough call as there are several worthy choices. Here are three (or five) you might consider depending on what type of prospect suits your fancy:

  1. Jim Miller can find his way back in if you like prospects closer to the bigs,
  2. Phillip Cuadrado would be an excellent choice for someone who's put up strong numbers in his early minors career and who's road stats at Asheville were solid enough to make it not a McCormick Field fluke thing,
  3. Finally if you are looking at raw talent, either David Christensen or Helder Velazquez could prove to be very potent prospects in the next couple of seasons. One even more raw that's totally off the radar right now but is a name you'll hear a lot next season is pitcher Jhoulys Chacin.
Also, Samuel Deduno needs to drop a couple more slots as well, at least until he shows more control and Corey Wimberly is the third best second base prospect in our system (Herrera and Young) but he's ranked higher than the other two, we need to fix that.

Move them up:

Besides Mayora at least needing to get on the dang list, there are a couple of other bad placements of prospects that we had last time that hopefully our next poll will correct. Hopefully the rave reviews for Jonathan Herrera from BA and other sources have convinced us that he's in line for a considerable boost in his ranking, possibly even to the top ten. Josh Sullivan also needs to get more love from Rockies fans, it looks like. I think he should crack the top twenty.

This thread isn't really to post practice lists, it's just to get some discussion about corrections we might need to take in December from the last list and talk up or down certain prospects. It's also not meant to point fingers at any particular ballots from the last time so none of that please, I think if you looked at it again, all of us made some mistakes in our rankings (I don't believe anybody had Herrera as high as he should be) this is just a chance to start to look at fixes.