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Thursday Morning: Thank You Rosenthal, Jason Jennings now a talking point

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Thank you for giving me some fodder for this morning. After Ken's article yesterday, Barry Rozner from the Chicago Daily Herald picked up on it and says both the Cubs and White Sox would be interested in Jason Jennings were he to be available. So who'd they have to offer that might make this idea worth pursuing? Why don't we start off with Ryan Sweeney (a potential all-star cf, who though only 21 could be ready for MLB action this season) from the White Sox and then throw in Lance Broadway and I think we'll be talking. As for the Cubs, I'm not sold on Felix Pie, so I'd probably center the trade around young pitching like Donald Veal and Renyel Pinto or even Carlos Marmol who the Rockies saw in the last series of the season.

I'll probably add a couple more links to this post later in the morning, but I've got to take care of some work that actually pays me for a little while now.

Update [2006-11-9 12:3:29 by Rox Girl]:

As promised, I'll give a potpourri of other whispers around the majors worth considering for Rockies fans. First, the new Diamondbacks uniforms are happily labelled as "aggressive" by a writer who probably dawns a leather jacket before sitting down with her mocha-latte and her laptop to put out material for the man.

Now that the Yankees are interested in Miguel Batista, do you think we would still have a shot? No, I didn't think so either.

Lots of rumors now swirling about the Padres next step, besides the Soriano rumor brought up by OhNoKoolAid in the comments, there's this article that says Nomar, Counsell and Giles are all possibilities for their second base hole. Please let it be the middle one. If we end up with Kaz/Carroll and they end up with Craig Counsell, I'll feel a whole lot better about our chances. Another San Diego writer petitions for a return of Mark Loretta.

The Giants are a mess and in Mychael Urban random multi-sport note piece one of the many notes he spews out is that they should consider losing all their players older than 34. No, really, that's okay, Giants, you're doing great with your current mode of operation.