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Afternoon Links: Rosenthal says JJ for JJ discussed, Durham re-ups with Giants

Ken Rosenthal's most recent column has the Cubs still angling for Jason Jennings, but apparently they don't want him that badly if all they're offering is Jacque Jones. The Mets, meanwhile, might put a trade for Jennings on the back-burner now that Tom Glavine is coming back, but that rotation could still use some help.

[editor's note, by Russ in NY] The Cubs have offered Ted Lilly a four-year deal.

Within the division, the lone move of any significance is the Giants coming to terms on a two year deal to overpay Ray Durham. This move is only significant to the race for the crown if they also re-sign Jason Schmidt and Barry Bonds (who they move to first) trade for Manny Ramirez without giving up a member of their major league roster, sign Aubrey Huff to fill the gap in right, and Tim Lincecum proves ready to step into the rotation during Spring Training. Simple.